Safia Ouares
Safia Ouares is an illustrator-artist and director with a wealth of multidisciplinary knowledge who is passionately curious about popular global decorative arts, especially those from the Mediterranean and France. A history and ENSAD (animated film) graduate and having studied plastic arts at some of the great universities in Paris, she learnt how to engrave in the traditionally artisanal way and added screenprinting to her list of skills. The hand remains the artist's favorite tool, and while she also masters modern tools, the execution of her work is primarily artisanal. Each drawing is meticulously crafted by hand, with exceptional precision and attention to detail. This way, she knows how to leverage new technologies while preserving the quality and charm of traditional craftsmanship, allowing for applications across various mediums.
She says she loves nothing more during a project than the compulsion of materials and archives that take her creativity to an illustration that tells a story encompassing a body of knowledge. As a ballet dancer, her search for the graphic pace of a drawing is based on balancing a simple sharpness of line with a profusion of details, creating movement and rythms that gracefully brings emotions. Safia applies her multi-disciplinary skills and non-traditional vision of art to create projects for clients across the globe and her innovative interpretations and curious spirit make her a favorite among the Luxury and Beauty market.
Safia Ouares
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