Dante Zaballa
Dante Zaballa is a director and animator who likes generating a colorful and psychedelic universe by experimenting with diverse techniques. With over 13 years of experience as a 2D animator, he specializes in frame-by-frame animation as well as After Effects and has worked with several studios around the globe such as 1st Ave Machine, Nexus, Partizan, Titmouse, Le Cube, and Monkey Pictures among others. In 2010 he released his very first short film “The Head,” co-directed with Matias Vigliano, which was the very beginning of a new career in independent animation that would develop in parallel to his career as a commercial 2D animator.
Since then Dante created a vast amount of work that goes from short films, music videos, festival trailers, Channel IDS, art exhibitions and commercials for clients like Nike, Hulu, Vox, Disney or IBM. Presently living in New York, Dante is working on an array of exciting projects including a new short film due for release in 2023.
Dante Zaballa
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