For the AW 2023 collection, IIVIVINIKO teamed up with illustrator Jen Uman to delve into the daily lives of urban women. Jen portrayed the lifestyle and mindset of adults using innocent and romantic colors and strokes, conveying the notion that "as the world grows larger and more intricate, finding the most fitting way to unwind is crucial." Her whimsical patterns and profound emotional expression blend playful ideation with fashion, resulting in the creation of the "Kidult Playground" series.
Jen's insights into contemporary human experiences, communication methods, and authenticity are vividly portrayed in the designs. Employing minimalist black and white hand-drawn pen lines, she crafts unique visuals, which are then manipulated through enlargement, repetition, or color inversion. Utilizing techniques such as offset printing and three-dimensional knitting, a diverse array of fashion pieces like T-shirts and knitted vests are brought to life. This collection seeks to prompt contemplation on the often overlooked aspects of our environment.
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